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Kirk (43) and I (Stephanie, 32) have been married 11 years. We have Kristen (7), Drew (4), and 3 precious babies waiting for us in Heaven. Kendall (would be 3yo) had a birth defect called anencephaly in which she couldn't lived outside the womb. And we had a twin miscarriage after Kendall.

We are a broken family. And that is where God has us surrender our lives to Him the most. To trust in His plans, not ours. To shape our hearts like His. And to open our eyes to the beauty around us. I feel like I could connect with a birth mom on a level of loss, but give a comfort of joy in the same way.

Kirk is an Infrastructure Engineer. I went to school and have a Bachelor of Architecture, graduating 36 weeks pregnant with our first child and becoming a stay at home mom ever since.

We hope through reading this blog everyone can feel the love that God has shown us through many trails. This is the same love we share with our children, our family, friends and the world through missions.

A day in the life:
Kristen is currently in 3rd grade. So we wake up about 6:45-7am to get her to school. Kirk is up at the same time, helping the kids get ready, which he gets ready for work. He's out the door not too long after we are, and to work by 9am. His work isn't too far from home. Drew has been going to preschool, four half-days a week at our church preschool but will be in school this coming year. We feel that early learning is very beneficial to children. And the love our preschool shares with the kids creates a great foundation. I currently go to the gym afterwards.This four hour window allows for me to catch up on daily things around the house. And it will allow for very special baby time!

Drew is picked up at 1pm, before Kristen comes back home. We love to spend the next few hours outside on our playground, fellow-shipping with neighbors (we live in a neighborhood that actually speaks to each other and has lots of kids), and riding bikes.

I mainly cook Monday, Tues., Thursday and either Friday or Saturday. I'll give Kirk some credit, as he cooks mainly on Thursdays. Thursdays are his day to work from home, so he has time to cook. Wednesday night we go to church. And then either Friday or Saturday we have a family night out together. The weekends are spent with grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins, as most of our close family lives in short driving range.

We rarely have a picked up house. I won't say it's a tornado, but it isn't prim and proper either. We live here. And we rather be spending time together playing with toys, a game or building blocks, than cleaning. My mom is cringing, that I'm admitting that, but it's who we are. And we know there is more to life.

Once homework is finished and bedtime routines are complete, we cuddle up with the kids and read almost every night.

That's our every day.

We love Georgia Tech but have many UGA friends! Kirk can watch any sport. Our kids love going with us to games. If we aren't with extended family on the weekends, we're usually having fun together at a game or stay-cation around town.

More about our current children: Anyone can tell you our kids almost always have a smile on their faces. Both of them are taught to respect the people around them. They love all of their friends and are very social with kids their age. They have a natural fear of adults, and I'm happy about that. So far well rounded little beings, that we love to watch as they learn and grow!

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