Saturday, August 31, 2013

Starting on Step One

Thank you all for going to our new facebook group! I've been researching and internet surfing for the different adoption agency in Georgia. There are a couple faith based ones. I've emailed a couple for more info and we will be meeting with them eventually. Here's a link to a sample "step by step" on how to adopt. I think everything looks easy on paper, but this doesn't give a time schedule and a money schedule. So this is probably not even 1/3 of the what to expect. So far (obviously) the step on choosing an agency seems like the hardest part. Please pray for us that we feel comfortable in our decisions and we continue to go God's direction! I did feel warm hearted after I sent an email off to one agency... I hope their response and future conversation continues those feelings.

Many have asked if we are headed toward domestic or international adoption. We feel domestic is the way our family is headed. I had a "duh" moment after telling Kirk's parents we planned to adopt. They started talking about Kirk's cousin who also has had infant losses (twins born too soon) and then afterward adopted. "HELLO!!" Kirk looked at me like, "where have you been?" I'm actually happy that I put them out of my head for these decisions, or that God did that for me. I might have second guessed myself, as to following in someone else's foot steps. But they we love them and they mean a lot to us. Happy to have someone in the family to relate to.

Some have also said, "we know this person adopting or has adopted" etc. I feel at this point we are well surrounded with friends that WERE adopted, HAVE adopted, and have PLACED a child for adoption, that if we need help, we can find it. But truly thank you for all your support. It shows us how excited you are with us! 

Just thinking forward as we also research adopting grants and plan garage sales etc... if anyone has big ticket items they'd like to donate, let me know!!

**This was edited, changing my words in CAPS. WERE: people were adopted, not ARE adopted. Adoption is wonderful but not a word the defines a person. PLACED: adoption language is changing as open adoption becomes more common. Although my word was GIVEN, not given up, birth moms that have an open adoption don't give up on their children. Another wording used is: "Made an adoption plan for..."

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