Friday, March 21, 2014

Shock and Awe

I think long and hard about my titles sometimes... lol. This one seems silly, but it's exactly how we feel today.

God is so wonderful! Awesome, unexpecting, beautiful!

With no expectations except selling another pallet, friends showed up at my door to pick up their art. This wasn't their first pallet, but I hadn't told them an amount expected. I saw a check already in hand. After some chit chat, I was handed the check while I think they anticipated me looking at it. I usually don't open checks in front of people, but since I hadn't told them an amount I glanced down.

Then I probably glanced two more times, while my eyes got bigger and bigger. They'd tripled our current savings just about.  Which puts us at a place we feel we can start signing papers!!!

Speechless, they told me they'd been praying about donating toward the adoption. They'd known the longing to have children themselves after miscarriages and felt God leading them to us. And I start crying.

Excitement and unworthiness, gratefulness and wonder. I know they have huge hearts and they feel we have huge hearts as well and happy to be able to do this to help.

Needless to say no more house cleaning (which is what I was doing before they showed up) was done the rest of the day... happy dances all day long! With an occasional tear up of overwhelmed-ness. After they left, I was outside playing with Drew and I start praying, thanking God for providing sweet friends and providing for this adoption. Drew kind of asked what I had been doing, not knowing the excitement I was having.

Kirk was at a business lunch and came home to find out, and was in shock.

I had started a relationship with my bank teller, since coming in to deposit off and on, and had already mentioned what we were saving for. So when I showed up today, I was super excited to share what God is doing!! She's a sweetheart and about teared up with me :) 

WOO!! More updates to come in the nearer future!!!!!

This post should be so much longer, but there really aren't words to express how thankful we are!

I know you're reading this... Love you guys!!!!

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