Sunday, March 23, 2014

Big Birthday Week!

To piggy back off my last post, another awesome donation came in for mine and Kirk's birthdays!! We are so excited and can't wait to see what child God brings to us! 

And in the last few days, being able to reflect... I was thinking about Drew. Up until last week, he never seemed to be interested in having another baby in the house. But all the sudden, and I think after seeing another friend's baby brother, he has started asking me for a baby! And up until Friday, I couldn't give him anytime frame that might happen.  This was so unlike him, but made me smile. I've been seeing him grow up the passed couple of weeks with t-ball starting and him starting to soak up how to write. I feel like being able to follow through with the next steps of the adoption has come at a perfect time! 

And with my parents living with us short term as their house gets built, this will give us more freedom to do the adoption classes Kirk and I will have to go to! 

Now- Kristen would like a sister and Drew would like a brother... So we'll cross that bridge when it comes. But I keep reminding them that God gets to decide because He is always in control! 

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