Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm a planner.

When waiting to be matched, everything is up in the air. I think we are a family that goes with the flow and are pretty flexible. After Kendall, I've gotten to a place where I sometimes feel we live one day at a time, not being able to plan for anything till the day before.

Asking me to attend a party.... Sure, I'd love to... Ask me again the week of and then I'll see how the week is going and finalize my attendance the day before. Not the answer I'd like to give, but what goes through my head.

Asking me to help with VBS 5 months ahead... I said yes! And then 24 hours turned around and said, "I can be on the team, but not the lead (at least this time)." The closer we get to Summer without a child, the more likely we could have a child younger and younger. And we could have a new born at that time. I couldn't back out the week of... When I commit, I'm in for the long haul. Not the type to back out.

We are trying to plan a family vacation later this year. Our first (maybe) cruise. I've been nervous and asked an adoption group their experiences with vacation and getting "the call" for adoption. And there were some. But they recommended travel insurance.

I emailed our case worker and she wrote, "Once a baby is placed in your home, you are not allowed to cross state borders until the termination of parental rights has been completed in court (this usually is within 3-4 months after baby comes home to you), and you are not allowed to leave the country until after finalization." 

I'm going to hibernate... Wake me when I can have some control of my life back.

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