Sunday, November 30, 2014

December is here!

In 3 more hours.

This is the beginning of our waiting period to be matched! All paper work was final on Nov 26, 2014. BCS has been on Thanksgiving vacation till tomorrow... And I'm super excited to be a part of something that God has planned for us! I'm not sure how many weeks we'll be waiting till the excitement wears down before I get frustrated, so I'm soaking it all in now! Especially at this time of the year with holidays, Christmas songs on the radio and love filling my heart.

It isn't just the excitement of having a baby in my arms again, but also sharing the love, comfort, and wisdom God has given us with another family.

We've been told the average time a mother's profile will show up in an email will be about once every two and a half weeks, or about twice a month. Those would be all profiles, not all matching profiles. We will then email back to our caseworker if we would like our profile book shown. The expecting mom might see a handful of profile books, then narrow it down to the families she wants to meet. Once we meet a mom, then we both have a chance to accept or deny the match. Then she would have ten days after birth to completely decide to parent her child or to keep the adoption plan.

I say "she" in most cases; not all women come forth with information about a father. We pray for the whole family. We pray for the best possible out come for knowing the background of our future child. To know not only who the birth father could be, but that he is fully involved with the adoption plan, as mother will be.

Here's to a great month!

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