Thursday, September 11, 2014

Feeling Nervous

As we only have one more meeting with our caseworker before being an official "waiting family", I'm starting to feel butterflies. By mid-november we will be finished and waiting. Our child could be tucked away in someone else's tummy right now.  I've thought about it, but haven't said much. Some families get picked quickly, while others take a while. The big gesture God gave back in March for us to "GO!" and how from then to the Nov/Dec = 9 months.... I'm just excited to see God's plans unfold. The nervous part just comes from all the unknowns we will still have. Every situation is different.

As that day becomes more clear, I might be vague in how I ask for prayers. An adoption story is a child's story. Precious and innocent and fragile and emotional. So please remember to pray for the family our child will be coming from, for this child, for our relationship with this family, for our kids now, for us, and for this next transition in our lives.

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