Monday, July 7, 2014

First Class

Adoption is like pulling back an onion... and a similar analogy was used in tonight's adoption class.

We finally had our first class tonight. We were postponed a couple of week to start, but are also condensing five weeks into three weeks.

"How long is the adoption process?" Is a question people give. I might have already covered this a little. Even in the process I learn more and more. 1) it depends on how fast you can do the paper work. 2) once that paperwork is finished it takes X (45 days in our case) amount of time to process that paperwork.

So if on top of everything, and assuming everything is filled out correctly and as fast as can be, doctor notes are in, background checks are finished, 911 calls are reported (yes, we've had one in the last 5 years, accidental-ish- no emergency)... and I make a photo book of our family that I have to have 4-5 copies of.... We're into the Fall. Then we wait, as if we aren't already.

As for the class, it went well. There were two other couples tonight. Another should be joining us next week. We covered BCS as a whole and loss/grief.... as if we didn't already know enough about that. It's good to learn another side of it. Yes, I brought out some tears... no surprise there.... some people christen bathrooms, I christen people with holy water....

More paperwork to be done! I'll use tomorrow for letting on the information sink in and figure out where to start.

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