Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2014

No, the title isn't a typo. It's a prayer. It's a big prayer, that our family (unlike the last two years) doesn't lose another loved one, but that we gain one. 

This Christmas season was rougher than I foresaw emotionally. I think the rain had a lot to do with it. Last Christmas, although huge, we only mourned Kendall. This year, the twins and Kirk's brother Ric were added to the list. 

But we came together with smiles, laughs and memories, past and present. 

The kids continue to surprise me by only asking Santa for 1-2 things. Even when he looked surprised and asked if there was anything else. One gift that has kept Kristen busy for hours today is a rainbow loom. Okay...  I thought it was fun to use too! But she came up with the idea to try to sell some to raise money for the adoption. It made me smile to know that her heart is for her next brother or sister! 

I'm blogging on my phone, which is dying... So I'll wrap up quickly. 

The Pallets for a Purpose will continue after the new year! I have a couple of orders lined up already. I'm excited to announce we're rounding up the year at $5,000! That is in 12 weeks (10 if you minus 2 for holidays) which is still so amazing! I love hearing the stories of people who have ordered pallets that have already been touched by adoption is their own lives and want to support us in our story. Thank you again...

Merry Christmas! 

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