Sunday, November 3, 2013

Adoption and Church Capitol Campaign

Last Sunday our small group was prompted to discuss two things in our lives that seemed to clash or not sit well together. Where we'd have to pick one thing over the other for example, or put one thing on hold, to better prioritize God's plans in our lives.
Well, God knew us well enough to put us on as the campaign for our church. We are expanding to make room for more kids! And this has been very well received in the church. During the beginning phases of planning, is when Kirk and I decided on adopting and started looking at our budget.

We came to amount X from the campaign and prayed about it, and went up to Y for our giving to the campaign before finding our route with adoption and knowing how much that would cost us. Two great things for God, but man, it would be nice if we didn't both. Could we compromise and go back down to X? We did for a little while, while we kept praying and ended back up a little above Y.

We went to our advance commitment meeting to give our pledge and felt led to turn Y+ into Z. My eyes got a little bigger when Kirk told me the plan.

Our plans for our family, are what God's plans are. Our children are His, what we have is His, and how we get there is God's plan. We've already felt the sacrifice of putting our family on "hold". Its not easy, but God let us know that both investing in our church and adopting were possible and that's He'd provide.

In 6 short weeks, through pallets, subbing at preschool, yard sale (in Roswell) and selling a few things around the house... I can not believe we have raised over $3000 for adoption!! When I think $500 a week, I ask myself where did that come from? At this rate, we can meet our goal in less that 11 months!

I know I keep saying it, but I mean it and I can't say it enough.... Thank you all for helping us on this journey! I can't wait for the day we sign our first papers!!

Nov 3- Orphan Sunday:

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