Tuesday, September 24, 2013

God Given Talents

Brainstorming on how we could fund-raise aside of a big event or the garage sales we are planning, I was looking at garage sale groups on Facebook and Craigslist randomly and saw someone post about free pallets around town. I had already made us one, so I decided to go out on a limb and make a few more for an up coming garage sale to see how well they'd sell.

I went to Troncolli car dealership and drive around to the back. I felt strange, being where I felt like I shouldn't be, but the Craigslist post added a phone number and I doubled checked by calling him and finding it was legit. The guy didn't pick up, but his voice mail said he worked for the company.

I did my first few designs and decided to go ahead and post them on our group site... and BAM you all have been keeping me busy! I've taken orders and sold at least 13 so far now! And I have 10 that are current on my list! A fiend is trying to get me to do the church fall bazaar... but I don't want to get too back up.

I've been back to Troncolli. They are are nice and help me load, when they see me. I told them to expect me back! Then I have an un-named pallet source that I've seen twice. And another offering to deliver to my house! Although that was nice, making my weekly runs gives me enough so far for what I have needed. I don't want my HOA getting mad at me for built up piles of pallets! There are new houses being built, and I've been eyeing their trash piles too...

I have one person from both New Orleans and KY coming to get one next month! And one wanting me to ship it to her in another state! I'm going to UPS to find out how much that will cost! Christmas, wedding, birthdays, baby shower, any appreciation gift, or just for yourself....

The little miss hap of cutting the cord to my saw last week really upset me. Right after doing it, I sat and cried a minute. Psychologically, probably not all about the cord being cut. But I'm glad it could be fixed and I got back on course!

I was called tonight to sub at the preschool tomorrow. I am happy to do so and said yes, it's what I signed up for. A little more extra cash... But I was a little bummed I wouldn't be getting my pallet time in while Drew would be away.

Some have been saying how talented I am, etc. And though I accept a compliment, I will say two things: 1) anyone could do this and 2) I do have a background in building things and design (Bach of Architecture). This is fun for me, and I do realize it wouldn't be someone else's cup of tea. But, as another friend thought... I have not free handed any paintings yet, except the flowered one. I was blessed last Christmas to get a Silhouette machine, in which I can transfer images and have a machine cut them out for me. I use these as my stencils and I paint over them.

My continued prayer throughout this adoption was and will be about being able to do it debt free. and God shows us the way.  I am just grateful that God has given me talents that can be used to help us on our way! I'm thankful for you guys who have bought one and even two or three from me! We are looking into an adoption bank account, in which to link PayPal for future ways to help out.


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